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Summit 34mm 1.93"
  • Summit 34mm 1.93"

    SKU: SMT-349

    We set out to create a better scope clamping solution that could securely hold a scope without damaging the scope tube. The problem with using only two pieces to clamp 360 degrees around a tube is that there must be clearance allowed for assembly and material stretch under tension. (Example; The gaps on each side of most scope mounts.) As the rings are tightened compressing the scope tube, the scope tube takes the shape of the allowed space, deforming it. Consequently, the deformation of the scope tube affects the position and alignment of the lenses and components inside the scope, degrading the quality and clarity of the image.

    Using a three-piece design, we overlap each piece into the next creating a seamless contact area that maintains the scope tubes original shape. Having the rings come together at a single central point allows them to swing together evenly as they are torqued, eliminating the “roll” that makes setting up a scope in other mounts so tedious and time consuming.


    Stainless Steel Screw-Lock inserts are used for every fastener on the mount for a lifetime of trouble-free use. With these inserts, additional thread locking compound is not needed.


    Flush mount rail clamps securely and repeatably attach the mount to the rail and avoid snagging on gear.


    Two recoil lugs are machined into the base of the mount to transfer energy from the rifle to the mount without putting unnecessary load on the fasteners or clamps.


    7075 T-651 aluminum is used for the entire mount for maximum strength and durability, despite the added cost. 7075 aluminum features 150% of the shear strength of 6061 aluminum, and nearly 200% of the tensile strength.


    1.93" Optic centerline has been a preferred height for years for it's more heads up shooting position and ease of use with NVG's. LPVO's gain the same comfort and speed benefits as red dot sights with this height of mount, along with less ear protection-stock interference.



    Our 34mm mounts are compatable with Schmidt & Bender's 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short with illumination. 


    *Not compatable with Arken Optics EP-5 5-25x56*




    • Technical specifications

      Optical Center Height Over Rail 1.93"
      Ring Diameter 34mm
      Weight 159g (5.61oz)
      Cant 0MOA
      Offset 2.0"
      Material 7075 T-651 Aluminum
      Finish Type III Class II Anodize
      Driver Sizes IP15, IP25 (Included)
      Origin USA








    • *Note*

      Due to the chemical process of Type III Anodizing "FDE" and "ODG" can vary from part to part, even in the same batch. We cannot promise that the color you receive will match perfectly with other parts from us or other companies.